Server Rules

  1. Practice kindness and compassion to all.
    a. No hate speech, slurs, harassment or anything of such a nature.

  2. Do not violate the good faith of the server.
    a. No bug/glitch/exploit abuse, cheating, hacking or X-raying of any kind.
    b. Client side mods such as minimaps and Optifine do not count as violating this rule.

  3. No stealing or griefing of any area/items that is/are not your own.
    a. This includes areas claimed and unclaimed.
    b. If you are unsure, contact a staff member about an area.

  4. No avoiding the AFK timer kick.
    a. This includes but is not limited to anti-afk machines, contraptions, and macros.

  5. Be mindful of the lag your machines cause.
    a. Do not allow enemies to pile up excessively.
    b. All machines using redstone must have an accessible off switch, and must be off when not in use.

  6. Do not abuse the ability to nickname yourself.
    a. No use of “magic” styling.
    b. No using a nickname to self-depreciate.
    c. Do not use a nickname to harass any other person.

  7. Be mindful of others in the chat.
    a. Do not make anyone feel they cannot occupy the general chat. If you are asked to change topic, please change, or move to a private chat.

  8. Never ask staff to abuse their powers.

Failing to comply with these rules will result in action by a staff member. Actions may include, but are not limited to, public muting, jailing, temporary banishment, permanent banishment, and IP banishment. Please remember you are accountable for all actions performed by your account regardless of who was controlling the account at the time. Exceptions are made, for exceptional circumstances. Rules are subject to change from time to time. If you are unsure about something, please ask a staff member.