Here's a handy list of useful commands!


/pweather sun - make your weather sunny

/nv - use nightvision once you are granted it from a rank

/cmi fly - use creative type flight once earned from a rank

/nick namehere - sets your nickname to namehere

/hdb - opens a database of decorative heads

/ec - opens a virtual enderchest

/wb - opens a virtual workbench

/kit - opens the kit gui menu with available kits

/cmi repair - repairs held item, granted by certain ranks (very expensive for Netherite tools)

/bank - shows your diamonds in the bank and inventory

/trade (playername) - opens a trade menu

/deposit - deposits diamonds in hand into bank balance

/withdraw - withdraws diamonds from bank balance


/tpa username - requests a teleport to username

/tpahere username - requests username teleports to you

/tpaccept - accepts a tp request

/tpdeny - denies a tp request

/warp - gui menu of locations to teleport to

/sethome name - sets a home with provided name

/home name - teleports to specified home

/home bed - teleports to your last used bed

/homes - gives a list of all your homes in a useful gui

/dback - teleports you to your last death spot

/back - teleports you to the last place you teleported from

/rtp teleports you randomly within the map you're on

/brtp biome (biomename) - teleports you to a selected biome if it can find one

/cmi rt - random teleporting within the nether (/rtp will put you on the roof)


To use colors in your nickname or text, find the hex color code of your choice and preceed your name or text with it, like so: {#FBD2D7}Zykana

To make a two color gradient:


For adding a third colour:



/jobs browse - opens a gui menu of all available professions, right click desired job to undertake

/jobs leave name - leave a specified job

/jobs stats - shows your progress in all employed jobs

/jobs join name - alternate way to join a job

/jobs top jobname - shows leader list of top players in specified job


/mcstats - shows a list of all skills and your levels

/mctop - shows a leaderboard of mcMMO power level

/skillname - ie. axes, will show you your stats in specified skill


/rankup - rank up to the next level, for those choosing their first branch, please remember to click the "confirm" text

/rankdown - rank down to previous rank

/cmi ranklist - shows a list of all ranks, clickable in chat box

/warp ranks - warp to visual in-game boards with the ranks info


/trails - opens a gui menu of block and particle trails

/backpack - opens a virtual backpack

/chestsort - automatically sorts a chest upon opening it, is a toggle

/chestsort hotkeys - toggle chestsort hotkeys

/petblock - opens a gui menu to configure your pet block

/cmi ride - rides the entity you are looking at

/cmi shakeitoff - shakes off person riding you

/weather sun - changes whole server's weather to sun

/cmi top - teleports you to the top block from where you're located

/dynmap hidden - hides you from the dynmap

/dynmap show - lets you be seen on dynmap again

/disguise mobname - disguises you as mobname

/undisguise - reverts back you back to normal

/npc create namehere - creates player NPC named namehere

/npc skin playernamehere- sets the skin of the selected NPC to that of playernamehere person

/npc sel - selects NPC you are looking at

/npc text - opens the NPC text editor

/npc follow - makes selected NPC follow you

/npc remove - removes selected NPC

/npc mobname npcname - create a NPC of mob named npcname

/npc sit - makes selected NPC sit (player NPCs only)

/npc owner playername - sets playername as NPC's owner


/trust playername - trusts playername in the claim you are standing in

/untrust playername - remove's playername's access to the claim you are standing in

/kit Claim - gives you the claim guide and tools

/nopls - keeps hostile mobs from spawning in claim you are standing in

/yespls - re-enables hostile mob spawning in claim you are standing in

/accesstrust all - lets all players use buttons, levers and pressure plates in the claim you are standing in

/containertrust playername - gives playername access to open chests, barrels, furnaces, etc in the claim you are standing in

/permissiontrust playername - gives playername the ability to manage /trust permissions in the claim you are standing in